"Electric Dreams"(1984)

STAFF: Directed by Steve Barron, Screenplay by Rusty Lemorande, Music by Georgio Moroder
CAST: Lenny Von Dohlen as Miles, Virginia Madsen as Madeline, Maxwell Caulfield as Bill, and Bud Cort as Edgar (Voice)

It is a fantastic love story made in the mid-'80. I felt a little embarrassment during seeing this film...maybe because it is too innocent and sometimes childish, but I don't know. The film is also filled with pop music in '80, like Culture Club and Jeff Lynne.
Perhaps you must be surprised to see Lenny is very young - at 26 years old (the film was made in 1984). Of course he is still young (I know!),but...anyway, it is one of the attractive points of the film.
Lenny played the main character, Miles. Miles is a young architect with sincerity and enthusiasm, but he is a bit awkward in any case of daily life. This character makes the whole story much comical.

In these days, as you might know, Lenny have been mainly playing a character who suffers from some problem in his mind or is very depressed person (except "Home Alone 3" and "Tollbooth"). However, in this "Electric Dreams," he looks very cheerful, and shows us his surprising talent in comedy. So it is one of my most favorite Lenny films....his shy smile really makes you happy!

*Madeline, a cellist in next door, was played by beautiful Virginia Madsen. She co-starred twice with Lenny (also in "Love Kills").I think they show you a very good combination in those films.

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