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Manual del equipo para Kendo
Manual del equipo para Kendo

Manual del equipo para
  To do kendo safely
1-1. The construction of the shinai (weights and lengths )
How to keep your shinai safe
About the shinai
1-2. Disassembly of the shinai
1-3. Maintenance of the shinai
1-4. Making a shinai out of used parts
1-5. Fixing the shinai ti
1-6. Tying the shinai handle
1-7. Tying the nakayui `thong'
1-8. Tuba and tubadome
1-9. How to carry the shinai
Comparing the shinai and bokutou with a katana
2-1. The construction of the kendogi
Why are the jackets and trousers made of cotton dyed with indigo?
2-2. How to wear the kendogi
2-3. How to wash the kendogi
2-4. How to fold the kendogi
3-1. The construction of the hakama
About the hakama
3-2. How to wear the hakama
3-3. How to fold and stow the hakama
3-4. How to wash the hakama
4-1. The construction of the tare
The nafuda
'name sack'
4-2. How to wear the tare
4-3. How to keep your tare well
5-1. The construction of the do
The shokkou
5-2. Putting on the do
5-3. How to tie the cords -method A~D
5-4. How to keep your do well
6-1. The construction of the men
How to connect the men chikawa
How to make the men
6-2. Putting on the tenugui 'men towel' -Method A~C
6-3. Putting on the men‐ Method A・B
6-4. How to keep your men
Adjusting the lengths of the men cords
7-1. The construction of the kote
7-2. Putting on the kote
7-3. Taking off the kote
7-4. How to keep your kote well
7-5. Tying the kote cords
8-1. The construction of the equipment bag
8-2. Putting the gear in
8-3. Taking the gear out
Hanging up your gear

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